Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh what a difference a voice makes

I have finished "The Appeal" by Robert Ludlum and enjoyed it very much. Shall I tell you where I finished the last two CD's? In the car...late at night...on my way to rescue my son and his broken down car. Truly an adventure of love, but the book made the trip much more enjoyable. Listening to professionally-made audio books makes you appreciate the amount of work that goes into them. This narrator had dozens of different characters to deal with and every one had a dialect or inflection of their own. No doubt he had to read the book a number of times and just keeping track of the changes boogles the mind. 

Audio books are probably worth the big bucks that goes along with them, but personally I appreciate the lower price of or the even lower price of the library.

A pen and paper book that is well worth reading is "I am Rembrandt's Daughter" by Lynn Cullen. While this is a fiction novel, most of the facts are historically true. The author used the technique of changing between time periods in alternating chapters, which took me a little while to keep straight. But it was a fascinating glimpse into life in the 1600's in Amsterdam/Europe and the life of a master painter, Rembrandt. A man out of step with his times, creating art from his heart rather than what was commercially desired. A man (apparently) of God, yet a man of weaknesses. We can all be used by God in whatever we do and four hundred years later, this man is still impacting people.

OTN I have a small puddle of colour that, hopefully, will shortly become a stunning, blocked shawl. That's the thing about circular needles and lots of stitches. It keeps you wondering until the project is finished. The yarn is Kureyon Sock Yarn and the pattern is the Gaia Shawl.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh what a difference the weather makes

It's amazing what a little sunshine can do for your spirits. Cold, snow and dull days going on and on tend to end up bringing you down. A clear, sunny day - especially if spent vigourously attacking the shrubbery - changes attitudes like no medication could. I'm happy that spring is here, needless to say.

I know that I have listened to a book in the 10 days or so since I last posted, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was. And it went back to the library. review. Right now I have "The Appeal" pumping through the ear buds. (the narrator of this audio book is excellent! He gives every speaker there own voice/accent - and there are a lot of different ones, it takes place in Mississippi) Also, "Knitting" by Anne Bartlett on the computer. Two totally different novels. While Grisham's book is interesting, it does tend to lose me in places. The problem with a book-on-tape when you read late at night, is that if you fall asleep, the book continues on! So you are faced with the problem of trying to figure out where you left off. That's happened to me with this book. Barlett's novel is more relational and homey. Different books for different moods.

Have I been knitting? Not so much. After the marathon baby blanket knit-in I wasn't prone to pick anything up for a bit. But now I'm continuing to work on the gorgeous Opal socks. I try to keep Opal for gift socks because it is so easy to care for. But these have to be for me! If I could manage to track another skein down, I'll make them again for someone else. The knitting has been so pleasureable. What does it say about my state of mind that I am so drawn to browns and beiges and greys these days? For wearing, at least. I love to look at the coloured yarn and even knit it up. But to put on my body? Give me some neutrals.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm chewing a lot of gum these days

One of the hazards of being a stay-at-home mom is that ....I'm home a lot. Which I like. Make that - love. But...I find that I constantly want to snack. So I decided that every time I feel like putting a little something in my mouth, I'll stick in some sugarless gum.

My jaws are getting sore.

Is anyone sick of Edward and Bella yet? After speed reading through the first Twilight book, I was ready for a break. But my daughter brought home the last 2 in the series of four, so even though I had sworn I wouldn't buy the second book - I did. Read that this week and am now half way into book four. These are "quick reads" from the library. $1 a day overdue fines! So my daughter and I are fighting for reading privileges as we hurry to the ending. (at least I hope it's the ending!)

Between book one and two I watched the movie. Give it a pass, unless you just have to see it. Very melodramatic and bad acting. After book two I was ready to give Bella a knock over the head with a two by four. I did not like that girl! How selfish was she?!! If she could come up with a plan to put anyone that loved her in danger she would do it, all to satisfy her own wants and desires. Book three I skipped over a lot. Let's get on with it! Now in book four there's not so much Bella and it's going much better. But I'll be glad when it's all over and I can get back to my life. (note: I've now finished and wasn't totally happy with the ending)

In the knitting realm I've been working feverishly on a baby blanket - garter stitch takes forever. But it came out nicely and I'm happy with it. The pattern will be a keeper. Of course, there are some socks on the needles, too. A loverly Opal yarn.