Thursday, April 17, 2008


Since I have joined the ranks of the knitting world I have had to learn a whole new language. Sl1, WS, SSK - who would have thought these all meant something? In the "old days", to decipher such gobbledegoop you would have to page through knitting books or find a knitting mentor who was wise in the ways of this foreign land. Now, however, enter the world of the WWW. A few strokes of the keyboard, a click and you have a simple explanation - often times even a diagram or video. Technology is wonderful.

RIP doesn't (at least, as far as I have so far ventured) mean anything in knitting language. RIP stands for "reading in progress". This is a cousin to the OTN, which is a knitting abbreviation for "on the needle". Projects you are currently working on. Since my reading level has declined since I started my yarn obsession I thought that this would be an appropriate way to chart where I'm at in the world of words.

Bible - Psalms, Mark and Ezekiel (pardon me, but I will really be glad when I'm done reading Ezekiel to the kids!)

In my "study" (also known as the bathroom) - "Chicken Soup for the Soul - Celebrating Mothers and Daughters". My daughter gave me this book and I love it. But I can only take it in small doses as it causes me to cry with almost every story.

"Study" book just finished - Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Knitter's Almanac". What a heart-warming book! Even if you never plan to knit any of the projects, her friendly style of writing and useful tips are worth the read. She takes you through a full year with a different project for each month.

In the kitchen - "Apple Cider Vinegar" by Paul C. Bragg. I'm reading this book in my never-ending search for a cure for my 13 yo son and his listlessness and allergy (?) problems. No, apple cider vinegar does not taste like apple juice. It tastes like it smells - bad!

In the living room - I'm reading the kids "Prince Caspian" by C.S. Lewis in anticipation of the movie coming out in May. It looks really good! This will be an exciting boy-type movie with lots of action. My 8 yo son just wiggles in delight when the book describes the swords and sword play that is going on.

By my favorite chair - "Princess" by Jean P. Sasson. This is a true story of a progressive-thinking Saudi Arabian princess and the struggles she goes through bucking the age-old system that keeps women in their low place of esteem. It is a heart-breaking book as it describes what women go through and I have to put it down after a few chapters of reading.

In audio form (best for knitting by!) I have "Emma" by Jane Austen and "Beowulf", translated and read by Seamus Heaney (you must listen to this just for his lovely Irish accent!)

OTN - dishcloth shawl almost finished; Knitpicks Essentials socks about 1/4 of the way done; slipper socks for my husband 1/2 way done; cable scarf (I may just frog this as it sits abandoned and I have no heart in me to finish)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Not so recent reading

Some people blog everyday and some once a week. I am a once-a-month blogger. Especially since I blog about reading and I haven't been reading much lately. What have I been doing? Knitting! Knitting in the morning while listening to my bible CD's; knitting while listening to knitting podcasts; knitting while keeping a watch on the children's schoolwork; knitting at night watching a movie. When I do read, I read about....knitting!

Before knitting took over my life, I was reading about the glycemic index way of eating in an effort to find a way to lose weight. I thought that losing some weight might help my high blood pressure. One of the best books out there is "The g.i. diet" by Rick Gallop. It's basic and organized. You can come away understanding what this gi thing is all about. And his chart of green light food (good to eat), yellow light food (eat in moderation) and red light food (avoid) is the perfect thing to put on your fridge as a check before you put something in your mouth. Basically, you try and choose food that is harder to digest (whole grains for example) so your stomach doesn't quickly turn it to sugar.

With regular exercise and the low gi way of eating I have managed to lose 10 pounds, with 10 more still to go.