Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Not so recent reading

Some people blog everyday and some once a week. I am a once-a-month blogger. Especially since I blog about reading and I haven't been reading much lately. What have I been doing? Knitting! Knitting in the morning while listening to my bible CD's; knitting while listening to knitting podcasts; knitting while keeping a watch on the children's schoolwork; knitting at night watching a movie. When I do read, I read about....knitting!

Before knitting took over my life, I was reading about the glycemic index way of eating in an effort to find a way to lose weight. I thought that losing some weight might help my high blood pressure. One of the best books out there is "The g.i. diet" by Rick Gallop. It's basic and organized. You can come away understanding what this gi thing is all about. And his chart of green light food (good to eat), yellow light food (eat in moderation) and red light food (avoid) is the perfect thing to put on your fridge as a check before you put something in your mouth. Basically, you try and choose food that is harder to digest (whole grains for example) so your stomach doesn't quickly turn it to sugar.

With regular exercise and the low gi way of eating I have managed to lose 10 pounds, with 10 more still to go.


Lifelines said...

Wish I could say I've lost 10 lbs!! I think I'm winning the war but the battles are questionable! You knitting freak, you!! It sure is fun, isn't it? :)

Anne Geddert said...

Congratulations! I am also trying to stick to the gi plan as much as possible although I find it challenging in feeding a family on a limited budget within the plan. But I am doing it as much as possible AND managing to stay away from sugar. I hope it will pay off soon -- I have to buy a scale though! and I am not exercising too much yet. Well, one step at a time I guess!