Monday, September 29, 2008

Everything in life these days leads to...


But I refuse to have this become a knitting blog. There are so many of them out there! And I have nothing to say that could add one iota of originality to the mix. I'm still such a novice. As is my nature I have become obsessed with the interest of the day and I so I knit, read about knitting, listen to knitting podcasts etc. etc. I must learn it ALL, but there's an awful lot to learn.

So...I think for now that we can safely say that to maintain sanity this reading blog is hibernating. Catch me over on if you dare to enter the murky waters of the knitting world.

My name is Teachermom.

Let's knit together.

1 comment:

aneta said...

Too bad. I always enjoyed your reviews of books and they would often spark an interest, so I'd put the books on hold. Remember all knitting and no reading makes for.... a lot of projects!!! :)
Balance, dear friend... balance... or not.. sometimes you need to dive in and go crazy!
I'll still be checking this for updates, though!
Nice knitting work.. you are so talented!