Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time to think about summer reading

Good beach reading would be "Bone by Bone" by Carol O'Connell. A murder mystery that kept me turning pages long past the time I should have been in bed. I'll have to check out her other books. I'll give it two stars.

I told a friend recently that since I had so many knitting projects started I wouldn't be casting on anything else till some were finished. Well...a tiny baby hat that matches the baby blanket from the last post doesn't count. After all, it's part of the same project (in a way). It's the same yarn. And it worked up so quickly that someone blinking might not have noticed. It sure was fun to knit, though! Pattern: Aviatrix Yarn: Paton's Decor Needles: 5mm & 3.25 mm


Nancy said...

What a darling hat!

I've been trying to clear some projects from my knitting bags, too. Slowly, I am making progress.

Good luck with your goal.

slow knitter said...

So cute! I am amazed how much you get done! (and how beautiful everything should start a business!)

I'm still working on socks I started at least a month ago!