Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Do I have blinders on?

Sometimes I come across new information that is so mind- boggling, so radically opposed to what I have always believed that I wonder how I possibly got to where I'm at today without knowing it. A big part of the answer to that is that it's usually not "politically correct" information and therefore, not readily available. So it is with two recent areas of interest - politics and health.

Richard Maybury and his book "World War I : The Rest of the story and how it affects you today" has blown my ideas of politics and how countries function in relation to each other out of the water. The funny thing is that I have had his books on the required reading list for my high school students, but had never read them myself. They were just accepted to be good reading and I didn't go any further than that. Now I want to read the whole series (I'm partway through WWII and am having to stretch my thinking once again). Basically, Mr. Maybury says that we should have as little government as possible - only the bare minimum. His perspective on war, and in particular the cause of WWI, is well-researched and fascinating. Prepare to be challenged in your thinking!

On the health front, a recent blog post from a radical health nutter that I follow included the following video. It's long, but well worth the watch. It's called "Sugar: The Bitter Truth". In a nutshell, he considers fructose and high fructose corn syrup, toxins, and spends considerable time sharing information that proves his assertion. He's got me convinced.


PJ said...

Aren't the natural sugars found in fruits Fructose? I thought those were ok?

Aneta said...

Oh, bother. And I just bought frozen fruit juice that has sugar added..

Haven't watched the entire thing, but the first 7 minutes are quite interesting,especially the Coca Cola Conspiracy....all pop drinkers should watch this!

Maureen said...

The natural sugars are OK as long as you're getting them from the whole fruit, which contains the fiber as well. Fruit juice has way too much sugar in it to drink as a drink, especially in the amounts we usually do. He recommends drinking milk or water.

Nancy said...

I watched the lecture this morning, and I was impressed. It was a bit technical at times, but the message was definitely clear that High Fructose Syrups are a toxin. I am going to follow his ideas for a couple of months to see if I feel better.

Thanks for the link!