Thursday, January 24, 2008

Finally! Some commonsense health advice

A new genre of books has arrived. The health novel. Story has always been the best way to impart knowledge and it seems that is true in the field of health and nutrition as well.

"Water With Lemon" is an interesting read - albeit, not classic literature. It WAS written with an agenda, after all. But all the elements of a good story are there: romance, rising suspense, drama, defeat, hope, laughter, crying. And the best thing of all, it makes healthy eating so commonsense and doable! No radical lifestyle changes or unusual concoctions. Just the simple power of learning and putting into effect one good habit after another, until 8 have been established. Then continue those the rest of your life. How easy can it get?!

This book is highly recommended and will become a part of our homeschool curriculum for high school. I have the cookbook on order, but in the meantime recipes from it can be viewed from links off the homepage of the author Zonya Foco

Happy reading! Happy eating! Here's to your good health!


aneta said...

Wherever did you find that!!!! ? It looks really interesting. May I borrow sometime? :) Not that I need anymore books right now..

Maureen said...

I can't remember where I heard of it...somewhere in my researching online, I'm sure. And you can borrow it any time. It's a pretty quick read.