Friday, January 25, 2008

We are deep in the clutches of a freezing cold, but I can picture myself sitting on a warm beach, sipping a frosty drink and reading a Dick Francis novel. A friend recently posted that her favorite author is Dick Francis, so I immediately reserved a book from the library to check him out. What interested me the most about the main character was that he is a glass blower. I once entertained thoughts of doing this very thing. I was even enrolled in the school. But life happened and glass blowing and I went in different directions. Next summer, though, I will definitely tuck a few DF novels into my beach tote - even if the beach is a long way from Mexico.


Karen said...

Hi Maureen,
I too, dream of sitting on a beach somewhere, reading a good book or just enjoying a great break. It is that time of year when everyone I meet is feeling like they need a good break.
Hope all is well for you and your family.

Anne Geddert said...

Yahoo - I have a DF friend =) Let me know if you want to borrow some of mine! I can't say they are always perfect in their morals and such, but.... better than alot you can find in the library I suppose!

Good to see you back on here!

Lifelines said...

another post!!!!!!!!!