Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm obsessed...

...with knitting. My stepmother knits all the time and gives us beautiful hand knit socks as gifts. A dear friend always carries her knitting with her. I used to knit (try - 30 years ago!) It was time to throw myself into the knitting scene again. But, my goodness, how things have changed! Yarn is NOT the same! I feel like an alien on another world when I browse the local yarn shop (LYS for those in the know). So, true to my nature, I have taken on the job of getting up to speed.
Now, keep in mind that I DO NOT have time to "get up to speed" with the knitting world, let alone spend hours clicking needles. However, I have never let something like that stop me. Copious books have been reserved from the library, my Amazon/Chapters wishlist has grown, brown boxes have begun arriving in my mailbox and a few weeks ago I found myself knitting in Tim Horton's. Yes, I am now a knitter.

So far most of what I have done is abstract. Reading, poring over sites on the web (what a treasure trove of information and patterns!), looking at patterns. But...I have knit a few items as well. Two pairs of socks for myself, a pair for my youngest son and part of a shawl that I ripped out because it just wasn't me. That yarn will probably become a hat and scarf - it really is beautiful.
Two sock books that I drool over and hope to one day knit from now grace my library shelf.


Lifelines said...

Yippee! You are back! You are hilarious. Even more of a researcher than I am.. I guess I am more of a realist and like to start slow... I am working on my second pair of socks and tried to knit and watch TV at the same time. One word. Don't.
Why does knitting need to be associated with little old ladies? I LOVE knitting. I hope to improve and become more daring as time goes on. We really should go yarn shop browsing together sometime!

Good job on the socks!! they are beautiful!

Anne Geddert said...

Well you little old ladies, I joined you in blogging, but I am NOT going to start knitting, I'm sorry! I love you both, but my love is slightly conditional! Ha!! Nice socks by the way, Maureen!