Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is Weight Watchers our friend?

Matt Stone is a favorite blogger of mine. He's also written ebooks. He has an interesting perspective on the weight loss/health issue that runs contrary to much that we hear in conventional circles. He makes a lot of sense, but I haven't totally wrapped my mind around the "putting into action" of his theories. Makes for interesting reading/listening though.


Aneta said...

Very interesting, but I wish he would have explained THE SURE FIRE WAY to get to optimum weight and stay there. I guess that's what his e-book is about?

Maureen said...

It doesn't seem as if there IS a sure fire way. The jury is still out - too many unknowns. But his ebook does go into what he thinks is a good start. Remind me after the weekend to let you look at it. In the meantime I'm reading The Potbelly Syndrome - common germs causing obesity. Very interesting.

Karen said...

ooooohhhh I must have some of those germs...hope you have a great time at the homeschool sock is coming along nicely, even started another so I can practice on two heels at the same time!