Monday, January 15, 2007

Getting the hang of this....slowly

I seem to have figured out how to make my way around my Sunday School site - getting comments in, links in and photos uploaded. So I'm going to try that over here as well. Today was very productive at home - and we got the final inspection done on the renovation! Hurray! Now we can start moving stuff in - officially. When it's all looking neat I'll try and post a picture. In the meantime, I'll begin with one that I already have on file.....I hope. [a few minutes go by] It worked! This is me with my daughter at a Mary Kay makeover dinner. Do I look glamorous?


Anne said...

Well done! You are brave and I will regularily check your blog to see your innermost thoughts and feelings. =)


aneta said...

Is this a picture of a picture? Nice pic of Mom and daughter. I bet Hannah had a great time! Did you buy any products for yourself? :) I'm too cheap, but I do like the Mary Kay line.

Maureen said...

Yes, it is a picture of a picture - our Mary Kay rep took it that night and sent it to us via Send Out cards. I bought the skin care set. It makes me feel pampered. It's expensive, but I figured I've saved a lot for the last 30 years by NOT buying anything, so I can splurge this once. :)