Monday, January 22, 2007

Journal thoughts

I've kept a journal for many fact, I'm old enough now to have 20 years of journals on my shelf. How can that have happened?!! In any case, I don't write a lot of personal reflections on my pages. My worry is that someone would get ahold of it and read personal thoughts better left undisclosed. So I include books I have read, along with quotes from them and my impressions of the book. If I go to a workshop or seminar I write my notes in there. Did I attend a meeting?....check my journal for what went on. Does my house need organizing?...check my journal for my latest Flylady-type plans. It makes for interesting reading to go over the journals I have collected over the years. I've tried having a notebook for this subject and another for that. But I've ended up going back to one for everything. My latest organizational trick is to number the pages and have a table of contents at the beginning. At least this way I don't take so much time to look something up if needed. And after suffering through a cheap $ store notebook over the summer and fall, I've now decided that my words deserve better and I splurged with a beautiful $15 book that has a gorgeous cover picture of a bookshelf and a very content cat. I can write on both sides of the pages and it's a pleasure to pick up and even to just look at. There's no going back to el-cheapo for me :)

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aneta said...

That is a beautiful book! I have a hard time writing in books like that. They're too nice! What if I make a mistake? :) My journal is a lined notebook. Maybe I should upgrade to something nicer. And as for people reading it, well, hopefully it's after I'm gone, and then I won't really care! I think journalling is a good thing, although I'm not as diligent as I'd like to be.