Monday, January 22, 2007

Another reading attempt aborted

Well, I really did my best to continue with "What Video Games Have to Teach Us about Learning"....but to no avail. It's just over my head and I don't have the time to try and make sense out of if. Basically, I BELIEVE he's saying that video games enhance learning because of the way that they allow you to become a part of the environment of the game. Also, as you continue to play them over and over attempting to win each level you "learn as you go", teaching the skills of building on basic knowledge to acquire more. He criticizes the school system for lagging behind in this area, often using methods that are more skill and drill than innovative.

In the meantime I finished a book that I can't recommend called "Girl in a Red Tunic". This is a medieval mystery by Alys Clare. It was a little too graphic for my taste - I had to edit a number of parts by "sweeping the page". Too bad - the storyline was interesting and it WAS a good read for the plot and historical value. I'll try one more of her books, but if that seems to be the way Clare writes I'll give her a pass from then on.

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