Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A lesson in frustration

Blogging is a exercise in frustration. How many days have I said to myself, "Today is the day I'm going to update my blog." And then it proceeds like this:

1. Get camera because I MUST share my latest hobby creation - a pair of socks. Hmm....out of batteries.

2. Look for batteries. Can only find one even though I have bought numerous sets of rechargeable batteries to make sure that I never am at a loss. OK - forget the picture, I'll just write about them.

3. Sit down at desk. Look for note I wrote with blogging ideas. Desk is VERY cluttered. OK...

4. Organize desk. Find receipts that I thought I had lost that should go to MIL. Put them in an envelope in purse.

5. Find other important papers that I need to keep. Put them in places that I will NEVER forget where they are (hmmm.....have I heard that before?)

6. Notice that someone has spilled something sticky on the desk underneath all these papers. Go to kitchen for wet cloth. Clean up.

7. Decide I really need a small container to hold all those little "things" - paper clips etc. Back to kitchen.

8. Make piles of... library stuff to go back, hair clips to go to bathroom, notes to self that can't be thrown out, knitting notions, books I'm reading, bills to pay, SS papers, school schedules...

9. Finally the desk (in front of me, anyways) is clear. I can begin.

But you know, my stomach is growling. It's telling me that it hasn't been fed yet.

So...maybe breakfast first and then later today, when I get a break, I'll write about that pair of finished socks. And maybe by then I'll have tracked down the other battery for the camera and can share their beauty.


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Lifelines said...

Good post! I find that I'm often inspired to blog at the most inopportune times, and then when I finally sit in front of the computer, the desire has left me. I hate that! Other days I want to blog 3 posts in one day!