Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back from a black hole

No, I did not disappear off the face of the earth. But I do feel like the last two weeks were sucked into a black hole. During that time I spent four very relaxing (yet stressful - can the two go together?) days taking care of my father, who had just broken his leg and needed tending to. I knit, I visited, I knit, I visited.....you get the picture. Once back at home things proceeded at high speed as I made up for lost time. Hence, the black hole.

Today in honour of St. Patrick's Day my 14 yo son (a budding chef) made a wonderful Irish meal for the whole crew. Irish stew, mashed potatoes (champ or poundies) and soda bread. I have two weaknesses - fresh chocolate chip cookies and bread. This Irish soda bread was irregular and crusty on top and soft and buttery on the inside. Yes, I did succumb. A piece with the stew and several pieces afterwards, topped with butter and homemade raspberry jam. Heaven....

Served with the obligatory strong tea.

In the world of knitting, I am plunking along on my various sock projects. The Finnish socks were finished. But something weird happened on the second sock (did I somehow change needles between one sock and the other???). The gauge was out. All the way along I was in denial, sure that it would all block out fine. (I should know better - I've read so many other knitter horror stories of this same thing). Anyways, I decided to rip out the foot of the second sock and reknit. It's almost done (maybe tonight?)

The other men's sock will take me a while. In a moment of madness I tried to figure out just how long these size 12 socks were going to take to make. 24 hours! That's a lot of tiny knitting. I could make a large shawl or a sweater in that time! So I'm not pushing myself on these.

My son's socks are almost finished. A few more hours should do on them.

In the meantime, other projects beckon me, but remain dreams.

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