Sunday, March 22, 2009

Reading and finishing projects

This past week I read a book and listened to a book - right to the end! It's been a while since I haven't made a book stretch on forever 'cause I couldn't get to it.

"Twilight" kept me up long past my bedtime for two reasons. It was a good read for one. And it was a library "quick-read" for the second. My daughter pointed out that quick-reads are only out for one week and there's $1 fine for each day overdue., read, read! The book was enjoyable, though; I can see the attraction. I'd put it in the Harry Potter category. Two stars for pleasure only. But...I refuse to buy the sequel even though I am #49 on the wait list!

"The Hunger Games" has more of a moral point to it. Man pitted against man. The abuse of power and authority. What depths will you sink to when your life is on the line? So three stars, for making me think a little. The ending was disappointing, though. Is the author anticipating a sequel? I got this book from on a $5 sale.

In the knitting realm, I finished my dad's wool socks and just love them. They fit my husband, so should fit my dad as well. They'll keep his feet nice and toasty (they look beige here, but are really a gorgeous light grey).

My son's socks got finished as well. I love the color even if it is kind of camouflagey, which he says I couldn't wear. He's happy with them.

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