Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A very odd book

I follow up book leads like a dog sniffs for rabbits. Books that are recommended by others, books I see on the shelves of movie characters, titles I hear people talking about. Occasionally I come across a gem. Where "Housekeeping" by Marilynne Robinson came from I have no idea. Suddenly, there it was in my reserved pile from the library. Having a short memory makes for some unexpected surprises. In any case, this is a very strange book. It won the Pen/Hemingway Award, which sounds impressive. The whole book was like a dream that threatened to suck me in. Do you ever read a book like that? A book that somehow captures you (not necessarily in a pleasant way) and you almost become one with the story, your own existence slipping away? Housekeeping almost did that to me. A story of childhood and growing up and apart and mental illness. A good book for a book club - lots of fodder for discussion. But I was never one for book clubs, so I'm going to give this book one star.

On a more positive note - I received a gorgeous skein of yarn in the mail yesterday and have already knit 1/2 of a sock out of it. I just had to see how it would look! The yarn is Footsie by Chameleon Colorworks in the Figgy Pudding colorway (how can you resist a name like that?!!) Lots of ribbing and then the Roundabout pattern.

From this:

To this:

To this:

I finished a pair of socks over the weekend. Photographed on what is hopefully the last of our snow. Opal Winter Night.

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