Thursday, February 22, 2007

Going to the dogs

My sister just bought a dog from the SPCA in a town an hour away from here. She went online to check out what was available. It made me wonder if I should be doing the same. I fluctuate between not really wanting a dog to really not wanting a dog. But the kids want I spent a precious hour of my day looking at dogs on the web. There are lots of unwanted dogs out there! I went through pages and pages of dogs. My desires are very specific - small, non-yappy, non-allergenic, stuffed (no...never mind that one, although they were selling some cute little puppies last Christmas that were so lifelike and their bodies even went up and down like they were breathing). All the tiny ones that seemed like they would take up a small space in the house and have small poops, weren't suitable for children. And then I came across a corgi. Immediately my thoughts went to one of my favorite authors - Tasha Tudor. I LOVE this woman. She is the epitomy of someone doing what they want to do in life. One of my favorite books about her is written by her daughter Bethany Tudor. "Drawn From New England" is full of stories from Tasha's life, photos, and pages from her sketchbook. She is a real inspiration and example of a hard working, creative woman. Corgis and Tasha go together because that is the kind of dog that she has always had and I have always thought I would like one too.


Aneta said...

Have you gotten a dog yet? I just can't decide if we should and what we should get. There's freedom in not having a dog, but then you lose a lot of joy, too. So... we'll see... Kind of like kids or no kids? ha!ha!

Karen said...

Dogs...can't live with 'em...can't live without 'em. Here we are without any dogs now and there are many days that I would love to have one times...when I don't want to go outside for that walk, but I know I should! Great to see your blog Maureen.