Thursday, February 15, 2007

Read With Me

This inspiring book would be of interest to anyone with a desire to help adults learn to read. Each chapter tells the story of an adult who struggles for one reason or another with reading and the tutor who helped them make the "reading connection".

A quote from the author Walter Anderson - "I would argue that literacy itself does not make people smarter or better. Literacy is as neutral as an axe; it can rust away, unused, or it can fell a tree, shape lumber, or sever a head. The ability to read and write is not knowledge but a tool to acquire knowledge; it allows us to use our brains in a unique and rewarding way. More, it can affect how we perceive the world, giving us genuine personal power. And that, finally, is its greatest value: literacy empowers."

I don't think any aspect of educating my children is as fulfilling as watching them learn to read. To give a child the tools to unlock the wonders of the written word is a priceless gift. To do this for an adult who has struggled for years with the stigma that illiteracy causes would be just as fulfilling, I'm sure.

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