Thursday, February 1, 2007

"A New Kind of Christian"

Postmodernism...I just haven't wrapped my head around it yet. This book by Brian McLean brings postmodernism to the Christian arena. It's written as the back and forth discussion between two men - one who is searching for more meaning to his Christian experience and one who thinks he has some of the answers. This is definitely NOT an easy read. I started it months ago and wasn't able to get all the way through. The meaning or substance of postmodernism continues to elude me. Finally, in desperation (the book is borrowed), I flipped to the last few chapters. Here he gets down to the nitty-gritty of how a PM church would look. This was helpful. I think what he's saying is that PM in the context of church means that people want to put their faith into practice. A lot of doing practical stuff, not just talking about faith in an intellectual way. A quote from page 132, "So salvation is joining God's mission instead of trying to live by our own selfish personal agenda." Community seems to be very important; and being open and tolerant.

I still haven't decided if PM is something that should be studied and dissected or just allowed to happen, if indeed it is happening. If you don't "get it" are you ever going to? Or do PMers "get it" automatically and that's what makes them PM? Am I a helpless Modern?

Because I am who I am, I will continue to read more on this topic. Any enlightening resources would be welcome.

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