Monday, February 23, 2009

Definitely not neck in neck

Well, it's not really a race, but if it was the worsted weight would be winning.

My dad up and broke his leg a few days ago so my free time has been spent with him. As I've sat with him the Knit Picks yarn sock has progressed slowly, but steadily. Nothing can beat the worsted weight, though, for quick progress.
However, I'm started to get a little worried about this sock. I squeezed the ball today and there doesn't seem to be much left. Was the leg knit too long? Will there be enough yarn to finish both socks? Ah, life is nothing if not for a few risks. I will continue on this sock to the toe decreases and then begin the other. If needs be I can make the toes out of a contrast. And if there isn't enough for two socks??? Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit and start over again. Good thing I love to knit.


aneta said...

Sorry to hear about your dad! Did he slip outside? It sure was slippery out on the side streets up here today!
What an avid knitter you are! :)

Maureen said...

He tripped over a short retaining wall in their driveway on Thursday afternoon. Now he's bedridden. Not good news for an 80 year old man.