Monday, January 12, 2009

2 resolutions down

New Year's resolution #2 was knit a charity hat each month. Done for January! I give you the Thorpe, made out of Bernat camouflage acrylic yarn. Super fun; super easy. I'll be making more of these.

Resolution #5 was simplify the family meals. Today pea soup was on the meal plan - made in the crockpot. Perfect for a no-mess kind of meal. I came home late at 6:00 expecting the welcoming aroma of soup to hit my tired body. But no; the crockpot hadn't been plugged in so cold soup was all there was. Go to plan B - another no-mess meal. Canned baked beans. Fortunately for all, it is a family favorite. Along with the wonderful pepper cheese bread I had purchased to go with the soup it was a hearty, quick meal after all. The soup is now cooking properly and will be for tomorrow's dinner. So far, so good. As long as you're flexible it works.

Now that I have numbered my resolutions I see that I have 9. Nine. Nine does not sit well with my obsessive nature. I must make that 10 to make it even. Stayed tuned for belated New Year's Resolution #10.

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Lifelines said...

Good start to the year! Nice hat, too!
I'm hoping to feel a bit more productive than I have been... frittering away my time flitting from one thing to another..! I need to FINISH some projects!