Monday, January 19, 2009

Walking the pages away...

I listened to the last third of "Red Prophet" while clocking miles on the treadmill. So far New Year's resolution #9 is working - going 2-3X a week to the gym. Listening to a book on my ipod certainly helps to pass the time there. Yes, I know I'm getting exercise, but if I wasn't listening to something the time would seem somewhat wasted. To a certain extent I'm a multi-tasker, as long as the tasks don't take too much concentration. Putting one foot in front of the other on a treadmill certainly qualifies.

The author of Red Prophet, Orson Scott Card, is a storyteller extraordinaire. He weaves a complex plot with characters that come from an phenomenal imagination, backed by extensive research. The story is rich in morals and opinion, but they are so integrated into the storyline that it doesn't come across as preaching. So the book can be read merely as a good tale, or examined more deeply for a message the author wants to impart. It also sends you delving for more outside sources if you are so inclined, because you never know what parts of this alternate early America are true and what parts come straight out of Card's mind.

Caveat: He includes magic and fantasy along with scripture verses, so discernment is needed. This is not a book for the gullible or easily swayed.

I give this book a three-star rating.

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Anne Geddert said...

You are inspiring me, my friend. I think I am going to get on the bike and read there today. Instead of the tub ..... think I can do it???