Monday, January 26, 2009

Travel with me... South America. See the grandeur of the mountains, the ruins aged grey with eons of time and weather, the terraced hillsides creating an organic pattern cut into the earth. Llama, alpaca and sheep dot the countryside promising treasures of fiber goodness in the marketplace. Youthful nut brown faces smile happily at strangers. Older generations work herding or spinning or knitting, their faces a maze of wrinkles testifying to their many years spent in the sun.

Travel with me to South America . . . through the pages of Andean Folk Knits. Explore Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru through photos and a well-researched history of the country, especially as it relates to yarn and knitted textiles. Each country has at least one knitting project for you to make as a memory of your "journey".

Written by Marcia Lewandowski, a woman who lived many years in Bolivia, this book was a pleasure to read and one day will make a welcome addition to my bookshelf. In the meantime, I may choose one small project to make as an inspiration to one day take an actual trip to one of these countries.

I give this book three stars.

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