Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday tidbit

My "52 in 52" reading for this week will be to finish up three books that I've had going for awhile now. So more on them later this week. Yes, I did revisit The Shack and am finding it much easier going this time.

Tuesday's tidbit comes from Joe Tye's daily email.

DDQ doesn't not mean delicious Dairy Queen, although most everything at Dairy Queen is delicious. DDQ is a copywrited term of Joe Tye's which stands for Direction Deflection Question*. You ask yourself this question to assure that whatever action you are about to do or words you are about to say will get you one step further to being the best that you can be. If you have to answer no, then it's time to assess the situation to see what you could do instead. Do you need to be going in a different direction?

Let's not live by default; let's not drift along; let's live intentionally.

*did you even know you could copywrite a term?!

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