Friday, January 16, 2009

Bread the staff of life?

Wise Traditions, summer 2006 has several fascinating articles on grains and the pros and cons of eating, especially in the case of celiac disease. They don't deny that some people cannot eat gluten, but some alternatives are given and a good case is made that the condition comes about from the way that grain (especially wheat) has been modified over time. A number of gluten-free recipes are given as well.

Reading about the benefits of eating grains has given me the urge to dig out my wheat grinder. Several large sacks of wheat were discovered in storage (leftovers from Y2K if you can believe it!).

Maybe this should be my 10th New Year's resolution?

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Anne Geddert said...

I noticed you posted this at 11:39 pm -- pretty close to the cut off time don't you think??? Ha! =)