Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chaos reigns

The world is in a constant state of degeneration. Nothing brings this home more than living in a house with 4 children. And now that there are four rather than six living at home the rate of deterioration doesn't seem to have changed. I seem to have spent the last 25 years decluttering, organizing, shifting "stuff" and whining about having to do so. When will my conscious mind accept that fact that "cleaning up after" is a normal state of being?
Can you tell I have spent a few hours doing housework with most of my children gone skiing? Will it rapidly go downhill after they come home? Yes, it will, but I just thank God for them all and if it was a choice between clean and kids - I'll take the kids every time.

Elkan by John and Kathy Eytchison is a fictional story about the history of Christianity from creation to consummation seen through the eyes of a young boy. It shows very clearly the reason why the world reverts to chaos, but also the path back to perfection through Jesus Christ. A great read for anyone. A seeking person or new Christian will get a good overall picture of the scope of Christianity through the years and into the future. A more mature believer will find confirmation of their faith and perhaps even illumination into an area that they have struggled with in the past.
I'll give this a three-star rating. I'm taking away a heightened appreciation of the vastness of God's power and love and how incredibly His plan makes complete sense.

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Lifelines said...

So, where did you hear about this book? Sounds intriguing.

As for kids or a clean house?.... I'll take the clea.... er.. I mean kids of course!!! :)